NAN Greater Baltimore works to empower the people of Greater Baltimore by disseminating information and knowledge on local and state rights, through coaching, mentoring and training with emphasizes on our young adults, and by supporting economically small community businesses and providing resources to confront civil and human rights violations.

NAN Greater Baltimore a human, political and civil rights organization chapter that was created with focus to reinforce the vision of its founder, Rev. Al Sharpton. NAN Greater Baltimore Chapter serves as a “network” or methodology of the national’s expansion. NAN embraces the vision of Rev. Sharpton by networking in “action” with individuals, groups and organization throughout the nation.

Our Initiatives–below are a few initiatives that NAN|GBC advocate for on our local, state, and federal level

Voters Rights and Advocacy

Let your voice be heard through your VOTE. Fill the voter education/registration void which exist in our communities.

Police & Community Relations

Building strong and healthy relationships between law enforcement and the community

Youth Empowerment

Exposing our future leaders of tomorrow


Community education a source of empowering individuals, families and communities

Family & Wellness

Protecting our child who are at risk at home and in foster care without robbing them of their birthrights. Provide essential health care, food, clothing and shelter to all individuals.