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The Greater Baltimore Chapter National Action Network Druid Heights Community Development Corporation presents STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math)

Ages: 6 to 15 (Druid Heights CDC) 3:00pm–5:00pm Tuesdays & Thursday Classes have started.

Ages: 16 to 21 (NAN) 4:00pm–7:00pm Mondays & Wednesdays Classes have started.

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Today, July 22, 2021 is a monumental moment in history…a case won through the relentless work by The Warrior Lawyer J. Wendal Gordon & Co., support of Larry Young & National Action Network-Greater Baltimore Chapter, and Ms. Gaines’ family and friends. While this is not an occasion for celebration…it is a moment in time to mark history in denouncing police and political deception. #korryngainesishername, #sheisspeaking.

SCNortheast Maglev Project click Maglev for information



601 N. Eutaw Street | Baltimore, MD 21201

National Action Network is one of the leading civil rights organizations in the Nation with chapters throughout the entire United States. Two key goals of our national organization, as well as our local chapter focus on Youth Leadership and Bridging the Digital Divide. We seek to lift up the voices of our young people so that they may lead the fight for the next generations. We strongly believe in the importance of taking the time to listen to the passionate and visionary voices of our youth. At the same time, we work to make sure that young and old alike are adapting to the future ahead and can be competitive members of the workforce.

I support the Baltimore-Washington Superconducting Maglev project and Build Alternative J-03.

SCMAGLEV reduces the effective distance between businesses and knowledge industries, inevitably increasing the economy. The economic connections between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore City would intensify, allowing the two metropolitan economies to increasingly compete in the global economy with a single larger footprint.

Imagine the benefits of a station like this in Cherry Hill and the opportunities it would open up for residents. For South Baltimore, BWRR and its Cherry Hill station and operating jobs will be a long-term anchor employer for the area that South Baltimore will greatly benefit from.

In a recent US Senate Hearing on Building Back Better: Investing in Transportation while Addressing Climate Change, Improving Equity, and Fostering Economic Growth and Innovation, US Senator from Maryland Ben Cardin told Maryland Governor Hogan that we need to make it more attractive for transportation to assist in economic growth for cities like Baltimore. I could not agree more – and the SCMAGLEV project, especially with a stop in Cherry Hill, will do just that.

Please build the Maglev and select route J-03.

Thomas Russum Retired Military/NAN Greater Baltimore Chapter Board Member 2021

NAN Greater Baltimore Chapter

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