Veteran radio personality Larry Young has been recognized for his contributions to the industry by Talker’s Magazine. The publication, which covers the talk radio industry, has named Young as one of its “Heavy Hundred” for 2021, a list that honors the most important and influential talk radio hosts in America.

Young, who recently retired from his long-running show on Baltimore’s WOLB, was praised by Talker’s Magazine for his ability to tackle complex issues and engage listeners in meaningful discussions. He was also recognized for his commitment to the community, including his work as a mentor for young people and his advocacy for social justice.

In a statement, Young expressed his gratitude for the recognition, saying that he was honored to be included in the “Heavy Hundred” alongside other talk radio hosts that he has long admired. He also thanked his listeners and supporters for their loyalty and support over the years.

Young’s career in radio spanned over four decades, during which he worked for several stations across the country, including in New York and Washington D.C. He was known for his engaging and insightful interviews with political figures and community leaders, as well as for his willingness to tackle controversial topics head-on.

Talker’s Magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” is a highly respected list in the radio industry, and being included is considered a significant honor. Larry Young’s recognition is a testament to his impact and influence in the world of talk radio, and his legacy will continue to inspire and educate future generations of broadcasters.