The family of Korryn Gaines, a 23-year-old woman who was fatally shot by Baltimore County Police during a standoff in August 2016, reached a settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit in 2018. The settlement, which was not made public, followed years of legal battles and protests by activists who demanded justice for Gaines and her family.

Gaines’ death gained national attention and sparked discussions about police use of force and the treatment of Black women by law enforcement. According to reports, Gaines was served with a warrant for failing to appear in court on traffic charges. When police arrived at her apartment to arrest her, she barricaded herself inside with her 5-year-old son and a shotgun. The standoff lasted several hours and was broadcast on social media before ending in gunfire, resulting in Gaines’ death and her son suffering non-life-threatening injuries.

The case faced numerous legal challenges, including questions about the admissibility of Gaines’ social media posts and the use of force by the police. In 2018, the Gaines family reached a settlement with Baltimore County, though the details of the settlement were not disclosed to the public.

The settlement was seen by many as a step towards justice for Gaines and her family, though some criticized the lack of transparency around the agreement. The case continues to be cited in discussions about police use of force, particularly in situations involving individuals who have mental health issues or who are in crisis. Gaines’ death also highlights the ongoing debate about the role of race and gender in police interactions with the public.

Overall, the settlement brings closure to the Gaines family and the community that has been advocating for justice in her case. However, it also highlights the need for continued efforts to address issues of police accountability and transparency in cases of excessive use of force.